Publisher: Berkley
Page Count: 254
Cover Artist:
Publication Date: January 1998

Print History:
1.) Mass market paperback original.

Jack Baddalach's back...

...and he's got a job to do. Escort a Chihuahua named Spike across the desert from Palm Springs to Las Vegas. But this isn't just any Chihuahua. Spike is under the protection of Freddie Gemignani, the shady casino owner who pays Jack's check. When Spike is dognapped by a band of machine-gunning women in black leather, Jack knows there has to be something bigger at stake. After all, it's a dog. Soon he's up to his fists in lowlifes - including a rattlesnake-handling preacher and the newly crowned heavyweight champion of the world. Surviving it all might get Jack a real life. And maybe one last shot in the ring for the greatest title in the whole damn planet...

"In every respect, The Ten-Ounce Siesta lives up to the Ken Russell epigraph which precedes it: ‘I don’t believe there’s any virtue in understatement.’ … a resolutely eccentric novel that is powered by Partridge’s obvious affinity—and affection—for the outrageous and the grotesque."
Cemetery Dance

"Partridge gets better with each book, and this off-the-wall, somewhat supernatural detective tale is his best so far."
—Mark Graham, Rocky Mountain News

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