Publisher: Subterranean
Page Count: 392
Cover Artist: Tim Truman
Publication Date: 2005

Print History:
1.) Limited: 750 signed, numbered hardcovers
2.) Lettered: 26 signed, traycased hardcovers with extra story section

**Note: Early pre-orders included a bonus chapbook, Dead Men Tell No Tales**

Originally published in 1992, Mr. Fox and Other Feral Tales introduced a fresh voice to horror literature. Norman Partridge's first collection won the Bram Stoker Award, received a World Fantasy nomination, and cemented Partridge's place as an exciting new talent in a generation of dark dreamers that included Poppy Z. Brite, Brian Hodge, and Bentley Little.

The Roadkill Press edition of Mr. Fox is nearly impossible to find, fetching prices as high as $400 on the collector's market. This expanded edition features every story included in the original, an excerpt from an unpublished zombie novel, and 11 additional stories (most of them uncollected) written early in Partridge's career -- including a collaboration with Richard Chizmar.

The lettered edition includes four stories (two of them previously unpublished) not in the limited.

But the Subterranean Press edition of Mr. Fox is more than a short story collection. In a freewheeling introduction and extensive story notes, Partridge shares what he's learned about the craft and commerce of writing horror. If you're a new writer looking for tips from a seasoned pro about writing your first novel or marketing your work, you'll want this book on your shelf.


  • Forward: The Passion of the Norm by Edward Bryant
  • Introduction: Learning the Trade
  • Little Bookshop of Horrors
  • Mr. Fox
  • Hard-Boiled Horror
  • The Baddest Son of a Bitch in the House
  • Rejection, Resolve, & Respect
  • Black Leather Kites
  • The First Dance
  • Save the Last Dance For Me
  • Building Your Sandcastle
  • Sandprint
  • Seeing the Wizard
  • Vessels
  • On Zombies… and Hunger
  • In Beauty, Like the Night
  • A Keyboard Built for One
  • Body Bags
  • You Can’t Write With a Bowling Ball
  • Cosmos
  • An Oxblood Stetson Hat
  • Stackalee
  • A Couple of Wolves at the Door
  • Tooth & Nail
  • Coming Soon: the Small Press Apocalypse
  • The Entourage
  • The Care & Feeding of First Novels
  • Kiss of Death (novel excerpt)
  • A Few Recommendations
  • Dr. Frankenstein’s Secrets of Style
  • A Word from the Editor(s)
  • Treats
  • Writing For Them & Writing For You
  • Velvet Fangs
  • The 3” x 5” Secret to Good Outlines
  • ¡Cuidado!
  • The Macbeth School of Horror
  • When the Fruit Comes Ripe
  • It’s the Steak, Not the Sizzle
  • Walkers
  • When Opportunity Knocks…
  • The Season of Giving (w/ Richard T. Chizmar)
  • Afterword: Head, Heart, & Guts
  • The Oldest Story in the Book
  • At the Battlements of Bannockburn
  • Ten Fingers of Death
  • Style of the Mantis
  • Man, I Just Work Here
  • Wind-Chimes
  • Cutting to the Chase
  • Satan’s Army
  • My Favorite Rejection Slip

"First published in a limited edition in 1992, Partridge's Stoker-winning debut horror collection is something of a legend."
Publishers Weekly

"Highly readable, always lively, Mr. Fox is a winning blend of fiction and nonfiction. What drives the whole thing is Partridge's voice, one you're drawn to whether he's writing about a serial killer or writers paying their dues. Offering encouragement, but, most importantly, perspective, this volume provides entertainment and inspiration in equal doses."
—Hank Wagner, Hellnotes

"…fiercely entertaining and engaging."
Cemetery Dance

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