Publisher: Night Shade
Page Count: 430
Cover Artist: John Picacio
Publication Date: May 2001

Print History:
1.) Limited: 200 signed, slipcased hardcovers. Includes the bonus chapbook Castle of the Honda Monsters.
2.) Trade hardcover edition. Print run unknown.

- In a suburban American ghost town, a frightened boy armed with a BB gun stands alone against a soul-stealing stranger.

- During the Great Depression, outlaw rivals of Bonnie and Clyde battle for their lives in a bullet-riddled cornfield that holds the secret of love and death

- Returning to Texas beneath a sky the color of a woman�s heart, the man who slew Count Dracula brings a coffin and a thirst for vengeance to the town that abandoned him.

Norman Partridge�s third short story collection gathers several previously uncollected stories together with two new stories written for this volume. It also features an 8,500-word introduction, as well as a bibliography. As an added bonus, the limited edition also features an unpublished piece of juvenilia, �Castle of the Honda Monsters�.


  • Seeing Past the Corners (An Introduction of Sorts)
  • Red Right Hand
  • Coyotes
  • Do Not Hasten To Bid Me Adieu
  • The Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists
  • The Pack
  • Blood Money
  • Last Kiss
  • Blackbirds
  • Wrong Turn
  • Spyder
  • In Beauty, Like the Night
  • Minutes
  • Where the Woodbine Twineth
  • Mr. Fox
  • The Hollow Man
  • Return of the Shroud
  • Tombstone Moon
  • The Mojave Two-Step
  • �Cuidado!
  • Carne Muerta
  • Bucket of Blood
  • Undead Origami
  • Harvest
  • The Bars On Satan's Jailhouse
  • Bibliography

***Winner of the 2001 Bram Stoker Award for Fiction Collection***

"The 24 stories collected in The Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists are as smooth as aged whiskey and pack the wallop of white lightning. If Norman Partridge weren't already ranked with the best, this collection of his distinctive short stories would place him there. With sensibilities honed on drive-in movies and the badass bigness of the American West (both mythic and real), he consistently writes unforgettable and unique stories. Whether delivering the goods with new turns of the trope (vampires, werewolves, man-created monsters, zombies, man's cruelty to man), delving into the crime noir or serving up a slice of red-blooded American violence; offering second chances, going gonzo, examining the pitfalls of love, or just dancing in the dark�Partridge is one hell of a writer. (Blackberry jam is a �color just short of black, the same color as a tattered human heart.� �Leonora had the perceptive abilities of a blind armadillo.� �The bird's black wings slapped like torn shadows.� �The sky was a rich red scream.�) He creates living, breathing characters more fully developed in the space of a paragraph or three than most writers can with the length of a novel. The introduction alone� the real-life tale of how drive-in movies made him a writer�is worth the price of the book."
�Paula Guran,

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