Publisher: Subterranean
Page Count: 392
Cover Artist: Ryan Dreimiller
Publication Date: May 1996

Print History:
1.) Limited: 500 signed, numbered hardcovers
2.) Lettered: 26 signed, slipcased hardcovers

-In a small California town, a carnival roustabout takes a one-way road to vengeance behind the wheel of a car once owned by a notorious serial killer.

-In Hollywood, a struggling actor makes a desperate play for the biggest of scores at a "dead celebrities" costume party.

-In the Mojave Desert, a musician stalks his own ghost and the devil woman who stole it.

-In Hawaii, a disillusioned businessman discovers the true power of a myth at a forgotten shrine.

-In the Deep South, a crazed Elvis impersonator encounters a man who dares to dishonor the King's name.

-In the Old west, a gunslinging demon battles a witch and a cursed outlaw gang.

Norman Partridge�s second short story collection features tales of supernatural horror, dark suspense, gruesome irony, and the just-plain fantastic... twisted characters with decidedly different yet all-too-believable viewpoints... places you may have visited but have never seen clearly until now... tough yet strangely poetic prose... in-your-face shocks and nitro-laced plot twists you won't soon forget... two brand new stories, an unpublished original comic script, story notes, and an introduction by multi-talented author Joe R. Lansdale.


  • The Electrified Boxing Hollywood Cowboy in a Gorilla Suit, or Norm Partridge Cuts Loose" (Introduction) by Joe R. Lansdale
  • Johnny Halloween
  • Eighty-eight Sins
  • The Cut Man
  • Dead Celebs
  • '59 Frankenstein
  • Candy Bars For Elvis
  • Styx
  • Tyrannosaurus
  • Wrong Side of the Road
  • Gorilla Gunslinger
  • Dead Man's Hand
  • Apotropaics
  • She's My Witch
  • Bad Intentions
  • Guignoir
  • Story Notes

"Norman Partridge is probably the most exciting and original voice in horror literature to have appeared in the last decade... At a time when the genre often seems all too happy to imitate its most conventional effects, Partridge consistently writes as though his life depends on the words he sets down on the page."
�Peter Straub

"Norman Partridge has become one of the most dependable, exciting, and entertaining practitioners of dark suspense and dark fantasy. Emphasis on the dark� And when Partridge is hitting on all eight cylinders, he�s one tough contender for any ambitious hot young bravo to beat. Street legal? Yeah, but barely� Imagine sort of a blue-collar Etchison with a Lansdale and a half�s level of energy. And a hip, nostalgic rock score that won�t quit."
�Edward Bryant, Locus

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